To the World of the Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a fun loving, always on the go cat that you won't find resting very often. These wonderful cats are extremely active and males can grow to weights in excess of 15 lbs. When you invite a Bengal kitten into your home get ready for laughs and lots of head butts. Your Bengal cat will demand your attention and keep you entertained and amused with their antics.    If your looking for a cat to sit on the couch your looking at the wrong breed! Bengal cats want to know what your doing, how you are doing it and if they can help. For additional information on the history of the Bengal cat visit our History of the Bengal Cat page.

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About Marechal Cattery

Our cattery specializes in the Chausie, Bengal, Safari and Savannah domestic breeds. In Bengal Cats we are currently breeding F3 through SBT generations.

We only feed and recommend one food - Life's Abundance. We have tried them all and this one works for all our cats and we love it.

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Marechal Cattery is the home of:

Champion Marechal Skye High

TICA 2006  Best Silver Black Spotted Bengal  - SE
TICA 2007 3rd Best Silver Black Spotted Bengal - SE
Champion Marechal Destiny's Vendetta
ACFA 2007 Best Kitten - NE Region
ACFA 2007 Best Bengal Kitten - NE Region
ACFA 2007 Inter-American 2nd Best Bengal Kitten
Double Champion Marechal Cloudy Skye
ACFA 2007 2nd Best Bengal Kitten - NE Region
ACFA 2007 3rd Best Kitten - NE Region
Quad Champion Trinity of Marechal
ACFA 2007 Best Bengal Cat - NE Region
ACFA 2007 2nd Best Cat - NE Region
Double Grand Champion BoulderRidge Avalanche of Marechal
TICA 2007 Best Silver Spotted Bengal Cat - NE Region


Member of:

  • The International Cat Association:  TICA Cattery Number 14319
  • International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance Registered Cattery
  • The International Bengal Cat Society: TIBCS
  • American Cat Fanciers Association Cattery Number 21171
  • United Feline Organization Cattery Number 2178
  • Signer of the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program and the Breeder Code of Ethics
  • Feline Conservation Federation Registered Exotic Cat Handler

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