Colors of the Bengal Cat...

Baby Bengals color up very gradually, but here are "Vanilla" and "Chocolate" to give you the idea. Bengals are also accepted in black, which is called Melanistic. Silvers have recently been accepted for showing.
Brown - or more officially "Brown Spotted Tabby" This is the classic "leopard" look.  

Here is a baby, who looks like he stepped right out of the jungle, but he is an absolute love.

Eye color can be gold/copper/green.


 The name of this color It is not very descriptive, however, because it covers a tremendous range of colors from a light golden-reddish to a almost black. 



Rosetted Bengal Cat

Rosetted Bengal Cat

"Snow Leopards in Silver" 


A "snow Leopard" look. 

The background color is  white.  

A silver cats eyes can be gold or green

Silver snows are also becoming more common.

Champion Marechal Skye High
"Snow Leopard" 

 There are 3 official colors.  Seal Lynx Point; Seal Mink; and Seal Sepia. 

Also a "snow Leopard" look. 

The background color is a creamy white.  

Seal Lynx's have bright blue eyes; Seal Minks usually have a turquoise color; Seal Sepias can be gold or green

Baby Seal Lynx's are often solid white until their spots come in.

Marechal Logan - Snow Bengal Cat

Bengals come in "Spotted" or "Marble.


Spotted Pattern

("spotted" can be solid spots or open "rosettes")


Classic "leopard" Look. 

Dark spots or "rosettes" on a lighter background. 

Babies may have solid spots that may "rosette" later.   But look at this baby>>>




 Rosetted Bengal Cat      Rosetted Bengal Cat

Marble Pattern Swirly pattern that resembles a "clouded leopard". 

Cut open a marble cake, and you have the idea. 

 Marbled Bengal Cat


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